Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tasting Notes: Saint-Romain from Buisson

In case you missed last Saturday's tasting:

Saint Romain Blanc “La Perriere” 2005: This wine announces itself with bright, fresh aromatic notes of freshly mowed hay, as well as chlorophyll. A high-toned, almost celery-like bouquet combines with wonderful minerality. The acidity is very uplifting but fully integrated into the wine. On the palate there is great stony concentration but no sense of weight at all. Lime-like fruit wraps around pebbly minerality. The flavors linger a long time on the palate… somewhat reminiscent of Corton Charlemagne. This is a brilliant wine!

Saint Romain Blanc “Sous la Velle” 2006: There is considerably more weight to this second bottling. Far richer and more youthfully opulent with notes of hay, grass and earthier elements, the wine initially seems lower in acidity due to the far greater concentration. Again, green chlorophyll notes combine with a dense more clay-like minerality. Tons of material, after some aeration there were hints of acacia honey on the palate.

Saint Romain Rouge “Sous Roche” 2004: One is immediately hit with a bouquet of meaty, red cherry fruit… explosive perfume! The aromas are on the earthier side with hints of brick and a high toned cedar note that brings Nebbiolo to mind. On the palate the wine is still tightly knit, there is a touch of green hinting at some underipe grapes, but this should resolve over time. Later on, secondary aromatics of red cherry and coffee grounds come up. Currently the wine is somewhat angular on the palate. Right now it’s all about aromatics, but with some time in bottle the rough edges will smooth out.

Saint Romain Rouge “Sous Roche” 2005: First aromatic impressions are of dark and meaty fruit (Cotes de Nuits like), roasted coffee grounds and a core of minerality down deep. After aeration the fruit gets fresher with red and black cherry and spice notes. On the palate the wine is very tight and restrained with some tannins and less fruit in evidence. Later I got deep dark plum-like fruit. The wine softened up showing more weight and texture on the nose and palate too. Overall this wine is structured for the long haul, tight, concentrated with a strong core of mineral and fruit; it’s all there, but needs lots of time to come around fully.