Friday, February 22, 2008

Upcoming Saturday Tastings

February 23rd, 4-6pm
Domaine Olek-Mery: Red and White Chinon in the Loire Valley

Located in the central Loire Valley, Nathalie Olek, assisted by winemaker Bernard Baudry, vinifies a series of site-specific Chinons. And while most wine drinkers know Chinon as a red wine fashioned exclusively from Cabernet Franc, Domaine Olek-Mery also makes a white version which, like its neighbors Savennieres and Vouvray, is made from Chenin Blanc. Domaine Olek-Mery is fairly small, with only 9 hectares of vineyards. Organic farming principles have significantly influenced their practices. No chemical herbicides or fertilizers are used. The vineyards benefit from a superb location on a southerly slope facing the Vienne River. This southerly exposure, combined with the unique "tuffeau" (a soft yellow chalk) and the sand of the slopes give the grapes the ability to produce wines with more concentration and structure than found in most Chinon.

In years past, a special “old vines” cuvee was separated out and bottled on its own. Starting with the 2003 vintage this practice was discontinued and we offer the last available bottling, the 2001, to show just how age-worthy and serious these wines can be.

Chinon Blanc “Les Tireaux” 2005
Chinon “Cuvee Les Tireaux” Rouge 2005
Chinon “Cuvee Les Tireaux” Rouge 2004
Chinon “Les Tireaux-Vieilles Vignes” 2001

March 1, 4-6pm
Domaine de Jaugaret in St. Julien: A journey back in time

Jean-Francois Fillastre is the current proprietor of this tiny Bordeaux estate in Saint Julien that has been in his family’s hands for over 350 years. To drink his wines is to step back in time and bear witness to a winemaking approach that harks back to the 19th century. Composed of 80% Cabernet Sauvignon with the remainder planted with Petit Verdot and Malbec, some of which comes from 100 year old vines. All hand-harvested and hand-pressed, these wines will show you what great Bordeaux used to be before commercialism, market pressures and Merlot ruled the roost. This guy just refuses to budge from his old world standards and we love him for it. Here is a truly unique wine from a gentleman who follows the most classical traditions.

Join us as we explore three consecutive vintages!

Domaine de Jaugaret, Saint Julien 2004
Domaine de Jaugaret, Saint Julien 2003
Domaine de Jaugaret, Saint Julien 2002